Labākā cena garantēta

Best Price Guarantee

Travelor Ltd. (the "Company") offers the lowest price available to it at the time of booking compared to competitors operating in the State of Israel that offer same hosting packages at the same dates. This referred to an online reservation, without calling the company’s offices.
If you find the same kind of offer on a different website and with a lower price (“alternative offer”), you may demand the company with the difference from the booking made by you to the alternative offer price. This only subject to the following cumulative conditions:

  1. Contact the company via e-mail at, and this within 12 hours from the time of booking and prior to check-in at the hotel mentioned. Information sent should include order details, order reference number and details about the alternative offer including link and screenshot of all details necessary with the alternative offer.
  2. You will be entitled to receive the difference only for pre-paid reservations, and not for “pay on site” reservation.
  3. The alternative offer has to meet the following cumulative conditions:
    1. The alternative offer must be in effect when you send the inquiry to the company and can be booked online.
    2. Include the same details: arrival and departure dates, type of accommodation unit, place of hospitality, composition and number of guests, etc.
    3. Contain the same booking conditions, including cancellation and amendment conditions and other important reservation terms.
    4. The alternative offer has to be available for purchase for the general public.
    5. The alternative offer is not offered on the assumption individually and / or special discount for certain groups and / or a certain time and / or as part of Group sales, direct agreements with companies and organizations, offers of credit cards, employee benefits, coupons bonus, special offers, promotions, special programs , compensation, benefits, concentrated vacations,, hospitality operations. Booking reservation performed when not set a specific accommodation place after the booking has been made.
    6. Terms were not disclosed in the alternative order due to error and / or technical error and / or a clerical error.

Way of receiving difference compensation

  1. If you are entitled to receive an amount in accordance with the conditions set forth in the information mentioned above, you will receive the compensation through the credit card used to make the reservation.
  2. To get the difference or check if you are entitled to receive it, please call our customer support on this number +44-20-38083669, after completing the above instructions.

General terms

  1. The Company reserves the right to determine the order with the company of the alternative offer to check if it meets all the conditions set out above. In any case the company determines the alternative offer does not meet all the conditions above, you will not be entitled to receive compensation. In case of discrepancy or contradiction - the company will solely determine and oblige all parties. In this regard it is clarified that any error, ambiguity or inaccuracy of the data given by the client who reserved the order may result in denial of eligibility for the compensation, all to the company's discretion and without having any claim regarding this issue.
    • The Company records will constitute conclusive evidence regarding the customer data, order and / or execution of contacting the company.
  2. For the avoidance of doubt, the compensation given to the customer who found a site which provides a cheaper price, in accordance with the above conditions, will go to the customer only and it cannot be transferred in exchange and / or free of charge to any third party.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that it is not possible to the above customer to have any right to cancel the order even if you can find an alternative booking at a lower cost which meets the conditions above and foregoing does not create any obligation on the part of society that is not specifically stated with above conditions or provisions of terms and conditions of the company.
  4. The company is allowed to stop, mitigate, reduce or modify these terms at any time and in its sole discretion and without notice. This without changing the rights of customers which made their reservation before the chance. The company will not have any liability to the client or to any third party if it stops or alter the conditions of “best price guaranteed”, completely or for a limited time, for any reason.
  5. If there is suspicion of abuse and / or fraud and / or misuse in connection with the order and / or replacement order and / or to the extent that the above conditions have been met in full, the customer will not have any right to be compensated.
  6. In case of ambiguity or conflict between the provisions of these terms and the company terms of use - above conditions will apply. Any matter related to placing an order is not prescribed for explicit instructions or above conditions, including cancellation conditions and / or change, shall apply the terms of use of the company provided for review on the company website at .
  7. These conditions, including terms and conditions of the Company, provided updates and changes from time to time. It is advised re-review these terms from time to time.
  8. With regard to the above mentioned conditions, including interpretation, Israeli law will apply. Exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute concerning any matter shall be devoted to the competent court in Tel Aviv, Israel.